Housing Disrepair

Do you live in a place that isn’t up to par? Get in touch with us if your rental property doesn’t meet minimum safety standards and needs work to eliminate mould, moisture, and other problems.

What exactly is deterioration of a house?

A rental home that needs upkeep to be secure and livable for its residents is said to be deteriorating. If you are a tenant in rented accommodation, your landlord is required to abide with the following laws:

  • Ensure that the structure of the home you live in is sound.
  • That there is no moisture or mould in your house
  • That your heating system is in good working order;
  • That your drains and gutters are clean and clear;
  • That you have safe access to power, gas and water;
  • Ensure that your restrooms, sinks, and other sanitation facilities are in good working order.
  • Ensuring that there are no pests or rodents in your home

If the landlord of a property has to make repairs or maintain it, and fails to do so within a reasonable amount of time after you notice the problems, this could be considered housing deterioration.

Is my landlord responsible for my house’s condition?

It may be challenging for a tenant to determine who is responsible for problems or repairs in their rental. Your tenancy agreement should typically specify who is responsible for what repairs and maintenance, the landlord and the tenant. Sometimes repairs, upkeep, and payments are split between the landlord and the tenant.

We have compiled a list of the most commonly perplexing locations to make things simpler for you. Whether or not you have a strong case, we will provide you with free legal counsel. Contact us at +44 173 396 4130 if you require assistance.

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